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Inner Rainbow Mindfulness

Inner Rainbow Mindfulness clubs run termly for children and teens, and on demand for adults. We combine mindfulness techniques with other wellbeing tools for increasing  emotional awareness and stress management. There are plenty of games and movements to keep the younger people engaged and make it fun. Older children, teens and adults learn about the brain and how mindfulness supports it.

Different colours (of the rainbow) provide a focus, corresponding to different Chakra areas of the body, different emotions and physicality.  Each week builds onto the next. The class helps participants to engage all their senses, be in the present and practice noticing what is going on within and around them. The programme includes age appropriate movement exercises (such as moving meditations and Brain Gym® exercises) which may help to increase focus, relieve stress and improve left-right brain co-ordination, guided and mindfulness meditations, food discussions, emotional communication games, aromatherapy oilsBach Flower Remedies, breath work, journaling (drawing for the younger children) and EFT.

Kids / Teens Clubs - Mondays and Thursdays

Adults Drop-in Meditation Groups (free of charge OR donation to designated charity) - Fridays

Alongside the weekly classes, we have complied exclusive online content including videos, tips, information cards and recorded meditations so that you can continue at home.

The programmes are designed and written by Kate Baldwin, Kinesiologist & Mindfulness Coach (trained to teach paws b and .b, Mindfulness in Schools Project) and Louise Kane Buckley, Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and published author. For your safety both practitioners have current police record checks and first aid training!


Join us to recover communication both with yourself and the world around you, step by step. Learn skills you should have and need, to be able to respond to the changing world around you with more care and better effect.

We are not perfect beings, things happen that we cannot control, we are allowed to make mistakes, however it is what we take from these hiccups and how we react to them that matters! Inner Rainbow Mindfulness is here to guide you.

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